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How to do dark eyeshadow

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How to Do Dark Eyeshadow: A Simple Guide for Stunning Eye Makeup

In this article, we will explore the world of dark eyeshadow and guide you through the process of achieving a captivating eye makeup look. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced makeup enthusiast, our step-by-step instructions and expert tips will help you master the art of dark eyeshadow application.

Benefits of How to Do Dark Eyeshadow:

  1. Enhances Eye Shape: Dark eyeshadow can beautifully define and accentuate your eye shape, making them appear more prominent and captivating.
  2. Adds Depth and Drama: With dark eyeshadow, you can create stunning smoky eyes or intense, sultry looks that exude confidence and allure.
  3. Versatile for All Occasions: Dark eyeshadow is suitable for various events, from evening parties to formal gatherings, allowing you to experiment with different styles and intensities.
  4. Complements All Eye Colors: Regardless of your eye color, dark eyeshadow shades can be tailored to suit your unique features, highlighting their natural beauty.
  5. Long-Lasting Effect: By following the correct techniques and using high-quality products, your dark eyeshadow look can stay intact for hours, ensuring you remain
And brow on one side and then creating a parallel line on the inner corner. If you blend outside the lines don't worry because you can always clean up at the end. Just use this as a guide.

How do you make eyeshadow darker?

9 Easy Ways to Make Your Eyeshadow Really Pop
  1. Prime Your Eye Area Using Concealer.
  2. Use an Eyeshadow Primer (But Only If It's Pigmented)
  3. Stamp Then Blend.
  4. Spray Your Brush With Makeup Setting Spray.
  5. Apply Eyeshadow With Your Fingers.
  6. Try Layering Your Eye Makeup Products.

How do you wear dark eyeshadow?

Sweep your black eyeshadow across your lids and above your crease. Use a smudgeable black eyeliner pencil below your waterline, and then add a dab of finishing gloss to your lids and rub in with your fingers. Finish with mascara, and voila.

How do you apply brown eyeshadow for beginners?

And then blend it in towards the center. So i'm not going to apply any eyeshadow. Directly on the center part of my eyelid just on the outer corners.

Do you put dark eyeshadow first?

You should always go from the lightest shade to the darkest in the crease! Prep your crease with the light brown eyeshadow first and then take medium brown and then dark brown or even black eyeshadow. Prepping your crease with a lighter shade will make it easier for you to blend the darker shade later.

How do you apply smokey eyeshadow for beginners?

Effect but avoid the lid. We want the lid to stay a little tacky. From the concealer and the primer. We will want that crease to be really powdery. Really easy to blend. Over.

How do you blend black eyeshadow?

And it's okay if you get it a little bit onto you would start on the outside. And start blending it lay the brush. This outer. Part with the point going into the crease.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smokey eye still in 2023?

The makeup realm's love affair with eye makeup trends continues this year too. Whether it's the OG dark kohl-rimmed eyes or the smouldering hot smokey eyes, 2023 is gonna be all about making 'em peepers pop!

How do you apply brown smokey eye makeup?

And black. So it doubles up as well. But i've just added some of the wet n wild mega length mascara. And then that's it. So really quick and easy brown smokey eye doesn't require a lot of effort.

How to do a black smokey eye on hooded eyes?

And that gives the illusion of separating. The two eyes out in turn brightening at the eyes further. And then I'm going to finish up with some false lashes.

How to make smokey eyes without eyeshadow?

Add your eyeliner. For an ultra-dramatic smokey eye, it is best to use a smudged eyeliner look. Use a chunky eyeliner pencil to draw a thick line across your upper lash line only. Then, use your makeup brush or fingertip to blur the edges upwards.

How to do a smokey eye with just eyeliner?

And repeat the same on the lower lash line as well. And on the outer part you can either keep it a round shape or you can also smoke it out like moving it out. It's up to your preference.

How do you make a fake black eye easy?

And also in the infobox. Below. I lost some depth when I added the colors. And blended. So I'm going to add some more dark purple under the eye. And on the inner corner.

How do you get smokey eyes naturally?

Smokey Eye Makeup Look Tips
  1. For a natural smokey eye, it's best to stick to neutral shades of browns and pinks.
  2. The key to a good smokey eye is blending, blending, blending!
  3. Use cream eyeshadows––both matte and shimmer––for the perfect natural smokey eye.

What lip color goes with black smokey eye?

Nude/Brown Lips A nude/brown lip is a super popular lip colors that goes with smokey eyes and it's by far the most popular eyeshadow and lipstick combination (seen on red carpets like all the time).

How to do simple black eye makeup?

How to Fake a Black Eye like a Pro
  1. 1 Wash and dry the skin around your eye.
  2. 2 Apply a primer to the skin around your eye.
  3. 3 Dab purple cream eyeshadow around the eye.
  4. 4 Spread darker purple eyeshadow in the crease.
  5. 5 Run red eyeliner along the corner and lid of your eye.
  6. 6 Add yellow cream eyeshadow to create bruising.


How to do a black smokey eye step by step?
Begin by priming your eye area with a few products like concealer and setting powder. Next, pack on a neutral and a black shadow to fully blend both products out. Finally, add another layer of style to your makeup by applying some additional eyeliner, blush, mascara, or highlighter!
Do smokey eyes look good on everyone?
A smoky eye can look good on everyone but it's so important to note that smoky eye application is not one-size-fits-all. Dark, heavy eyeliner may work for round eyes but it will make hooded eyes appear heavy and tired-looking.
How can I make my eye makeup darker?
Try Layering Your Eye Makeup Products For example, Berlingeri says, "I love to use a powder eyeshadow and then a liquid eyeshadow on top to make the shadow really pop." Alternatively, using a cream eyeshadow first and then topping with a powder can help to boost pigmentation.
How to do the dark eye makeup?
Your Step-by-Step Black Smokey Eye Tutorial
  1. Step #1. Prime Your Eyes.
  2. Step #2. Apply Your Base.
  3. Step #3. Use a Transition Shade.
  4. Step #4. Define Your Crease.
  5. Step #5. Add More Definition.
  6. Step #6. Smudge Your Lower Lash Line.
  7. Step #7. Touch Up Where Needed.
  8. Step #8. Highlight Your Inner Corner.
What eyeshadow brings out black eyes?
Cobalt Blue. Metallic cobalt blue really makes black eyes pop more!
Can you make foundation darker with eyeshadow?
No worries 😉 Mix a brown eyeshadow to make it a shade darker!
How do you prevent racoon eye makeup?
And I would really have really baked underneath. Basically put a lot of excess. Product let it sit there for 30 seconds to a minute and then just very gently with the cauda like movement wipe.
How do you get rid of raccoon eyes?
Cut back on salt, eliminate high sodium foods and dairy, increase water intake, reduce fat, simple carbs and sweets, and exercise regularly. These lifestyle changes will reduce weight and water retention, and improve raccoon eyes, blood pressure, general health, skin tone and self-esteem.
How do you apply black eyeshadow?
It. Also just helps the blending process we'll be working with black. And you do need to add in some colors with it in order for it to look really well Blended.

How to do dark eyeshadow

How do you make black eyes look real with makeup? Next. I use the pencil brush. And apply the dark purple from the wheel. I focus this color where I one of the most depth in order to create the illusion of a swollen eye.
Why do I get racoon eyes with makeup? One of the worst possible mistakes you can make to prevent smudging your mascara is over-applying concealer and powder beneath your eyes. Not only does it result in a more dramatic raccoon eye look, but it's also about as far from natural-looking makeup as you can possibly get.
How do you apply makeup to dark eyelids? Box. And also please make sure the concealer is the correct shade and undertone for your skin. Color. Now it's time to apply our full coverage concealer.
How to do masculine eye makeup? If you're trying to be more subtle in your masculine presentation, use a dark shadow or contour, and fill in the crease of your eyelid to add depth, which also helps bring the brow down. Putting eyeliner on the outer edge of your water line of the bottom lid will help make the eyes look wider and more prominent.
Can guys use makeup to cover dark circles? Our lightweight liquid men's concealer helps to cover imperfections such as dark circles, spots and any acne scars that are under your eyes. Listed as one of the best concealers for men 2021 by the Independent, this pocket-sized delight is easy to use on the go.
Can you use makeup as eye black? To make a fake black eye, all you need is black eyeliner, a makeup brush, and a few shades of eye shadow. Before you apply any makeup, wash your face so no dirt or oil mixes with the products. Start by drawing a ring around your eye with black eyeliner and smudging it with your finger to look like a bruise.
What can I use for dark eyelids? Simple And Effective Home Remedies To Banish Dark Eyelids:
  • Cold Compress.
  • Tomato And Lemon Mask.
  • Green Tea Bags.
  • Cucumber Slices.
  • Vitamin E.
  • Aloe Vera.
  • Almond Oil and Lemon Juice.
  • Adequate Sleep.
How do you make dark eyes with makeup? "To make brown eyes stand out, it's ideal to use colors opposite to brown, such as deep blue and purple," says Betancur. Purple shades complement brown eyes really well, as they highlight the richness of your irises. Create the monochrome look by applying a plum to purple shade all around your eyes.
How to do dark eye makeup? So I'm going to get some of that cold casual. On my fingertips. So I'm going to coat my finger with it. And then I'm going to dab it all over my lid. So that's going to be the base.
  • How do you wear dark eye makeup?
    • Take the black shadow with a small, flat top eye shadow brush and drag the shadow along the lower lash line, making sure to blend and smudge the line so it isn't too harsh. Once your eye shadow is complete, line your waterline using a black eyeliner to intensify the look.
  • How do you make dark eyes pop?
    • Darker shades of eyeshadow are ideal for dark brown eyes. Choose a charcoal gray, a sweet plum, or a fir green color. The aim is to turn up the notch of intensity to your look. And finish it off with a black, navy, or brown eyeliner.
  • Why is dark eye makeup attractive?
    • If we look to research done in this area and the most prevalent connotations, dark makeup can invoke mystery, seductiveness, and maturity. While recent trends like the "clean makeup" look opt for a lighter feel with emphasis on skin, void of dark eye makeup and black eyeliner.
  • How to do black smokey eye makeup for beginners?
    • And also under the highest point of the arch of my brow. I've added some of the case lashes. And now I'm going in with the L'Oreal. Um Bambi fall slash mascara.
  • How to make your eyeshadow smoky?
    • The key to a perfect smokey eye is blending Eye Shadow (used here in Rich Brown) along the top edge of liner with the Ultra Fine Eye Liner Brush. Then smudge the shadow along lower lashlines. Quickly layer shadow over liner before it sets to create a smokey eye effect.
  • How to do a black eye makeup with eyeshadow?
    • How to Fake a Black Eye like a Pro
      1. 1 Wash and dry the skin around your eye.
      2. 2 Apply a primer to the skin around your eye.
      3. 3 Dab purple cream eyeshadow around the eye.
      4. 4 Spread darker purple eyeshadow in the crease.
      5. 5 Run red eyeliner along the corner and lid of your eye.
      6. 6 Add yellow cream eyeshadow to create bruising.
  • How to do the perfect smokey eye step by step?
    • Or. You can create a winged smokey eye which is my preference. As I feel like it elongates the shape of the eye. I'm going to be using the Vive eye wand in the shade Raven.
  • How to do a smokey eye for beginners?
    • Or. You can create a winged smokey eye which is my preference. As I feel like it elongates the shape of the eye. I'm going to be using the Vive eye wand in the shade Raven.
  • How do you make black eyes pop?
    • Purple. This hue really makes those peepers pop! A purple helps make black eyes look bolder and highlights them a lot more.

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