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What is your color palette

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Discover Your Color Palette - A Fun and Useful Tool for Personal Style!

  1. Easy and User-Friendly Interface:
  • The "What is your color palette" tool is designed with simplicity in mind, making it accessible to individuals of all ages and technical abilities.
  • The interface is intuitive, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for users.
  1. Accurate Color Analysis:
  • "What is your color palette" provides accurate analysis based on your skin tone, hair color, and eye color.
  • By taking into account these factors, the tool determines which colors will complement your natural features, enhancing your overall appearance.
  1. Personalized Recommendations:
  • Once you input your information, the tool generates a personalized color palette tailored specifically to you.
  • The recommendations provided can
Using the palms of your hands is another great way to help determine your undertone. Holding your hands flat with palms facing up decide if you see blue, red or yellow most predominantly. If you see mostly blue then you are cool or mostly yellow then you are warm.

How do I find the right color palette?

60-30-10 rule for color use The 60-30-10 rule gives you an easy way to choose a color palette and stick to it. When done well, it can also help establish a brand's identity. With this rule, you use a primary color 60% of the time; a secondary color 30% of the time; and an accent color 10% of the time.

What color palette suits me?

Cool skin tones tend to suit clothing with blue undertones. These can be purples, pinks and even greens as long as they have that bluey undertone. Warm skin tones suit more yellow based colours, browns, oranges, peach, coral and again greens as long as they are on the yellow side of the spectrum.

How do I know what color looks best on me?

Go ahead and turn your hand over, palm up, taking a gander at the underside of your wrist. What color are the veins? If they look blue or purple, you're cool toned. If they look green or have a yellow cast, you're warm toned.

Am I cool or warm toned?

Take a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. Do they appear more blue or green? If your veins appear more blue, you're cool-toned but if you see more green, you're warm-toned. If you see a fair amount of both both green and blue, you have a neutral undertone.

Which color palette are you

Take this free color analysis quiz and find out your possible seasonal color palette! Are you Warm or Cool, Soft or Clear, Light, or Deep?

How do I find my color palette?

Using the palms of your hands is another great way to help determine your undertone. Holding your hands flat with palms facing up decide if you see blue, red or yellow most predominantly. If you see mostly blue then you are cool or mostly yellow then you are warm.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my seasonal Colour palette?

If your skin tone and hair have a warm undertone, or you are a natural red-head, you would be classed as either a Spring or an Autumn; if your skin has a blue-ish, cool undertone and your hair is more ashy and has no golden or red highlights, you are either a Summer or a Winter.

How do I know my skin palette?

In natural light, check the appearance of your veins beneath your skin.
  1. If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone.
  2. If your veins look green or a greenish blue, you have a warm skin tone.
  3. If you can't tell whether or not your veins are green or blue, you probably have a neutral skin tone.

What should my color palette be?

The best palettes will include a mix of colors that complement you, especially for your neutrals and mains. Don't forget to include colors you simply love (accents are a great place for these). If you just can't decide, choose the colors that make you feel most like you.


How do I know what my color palette is?
You can determine your season based on three main factors: undertones, eye color, and hair color. The spring palette is characterized by warm and vibrant colors that mirror the freshness and brightness of the season. People with warm undertones, such as peachy or golden skin, often fall into this category.
How do I choose a palette?
It's also incredibly simple to use: 60% is your dominant hue, 30% is your secondary color, and 10% is for an accent color. Even if your palette has more than three colors (but please, no more than five), keeping things in balance will be cleaner to the eye and more comfortable for your users' brains.
How do I know my natural color?
To determine your skin tone, observe the color of your nail bed or pinch the skin under your arm (or any place the sun never shines). Does the tone tend to appear more reddish-orange, reddish-blue, pinkish-blue, peachy or yellowish? Once that's determined, you'll have a benchmark for your natural skin tone.

What is your color palette

How do you know which color looks best on you? Try On Different Colors: Experiment by trying on clothes in a variety of colors under natural lighting. Notice how each color affects the overall appearance of your skin, hair, and eyes. Take note of the colors that make you look vibrant and healthy, as well as those that make you appear washed out or dull.
How do I find my personal color palette? After determining your basic skin tone (warm or cool), consider the color of your hair and eyes. These three colors—skin, hair, and eyes—make up your personal coloring and should be considered when selecting clothing and cosmetics.
How do I know what color I am? Hold a sheet of white paper next to your skin to find your complexion. Double-check your undertone color by looking at your arm next to a piece of white paper. You have a warm complexion if your skin looks yellow, green, or golden. If it looks pink, red, or blue, you have a cool complexion.
  • What are the 4 personality colors?
    • Below are the four personality types and tips for effective interaction:
      • Orange – Action-Orientated.
      • Gold – Organized.
      • Green – Analytical.
      • Blue – Relationship-Oriented.
  • How do I know which colour palette suits me?
    • Examine the veins in your wrist to find your undertones. Cool undertones wear cool colors, warm wears warm colors, and neutral can wear anything. Find your best neutral colors by holding neutral clothes up to your face in a mirror.
  • What are the 4 main types of color palettes?
    • 4 Main Types of Color Palettes
      • Monochromatic Color Palettes. If you like keeping things plain and simple, you should go for the monochromatic color palettes as they consist of the same hue in different shades and tones.
      • Analogous Color Palettes.
      • Complementary Color Palettes.
      • Triadic Color Palettes.

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